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Going from core shack to a modernized core processing facility? We can help.

Northern Prosperity (located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) is a recognized provider of technology scouting and mining innovation integration to mining companies, service & supply companies, and non-profits. Our leading area of expertise is in modernizing core processing operations. With a team of associates including geologists and geoscientists, engineers, architects, and project managers, Northern Prosperity can provide operational assessments, advise on workflow improvements, design new facilities, and support the retrofit or build including the implementation of new equipment/technologies.

Do you want your core shack to be more than a shack?

For many mining companies, the design of drill core processing facilities seems to be an afterthought based on tradition and past practice rather than meeting practical operational needs. A well designed core facility can greatly improve workflow, increase productivity, and create a much more comfortable work environment.
When you’re ready to build your next core processing facility, why not let us make our knowledge and experience work for you? Your team and your bottom line will thank you.

Our areas of focus


Improving the productivity in a core processing facility is about removing bottlenecks and backlogs from receiving the core from the drill through to the core farm while maintaining diligent sampling practices and gaining deeper geological understanding.

Health and Safety

Improving the health and safety in a core processing facility is about zero injuries and reducing risks in the handling of core and core boxes.


Improving the digital capability within the core logging process is about modernizing the data collection and integration so that geoscientists can focus on the geosciences / knowledge gain not on mundane repetitive tasks.

What does Northern Prosperity provide?

Core processing facilities are an essential element of mining operations, but their design is often an afterthought. We have designed core handling facilities for a range of operations, from remote exploration camps to large scale mining operations. Regardless of the size or scale, we can help you improve your efficiency, workflow and create a safer, healthier working environment.

Our team conducts workflow assessments on sites with both quantitative and qualitative data including in-depth surveys with everyone involved in core logging operations participates. Having wide ranging and comprehensive feedback improves design to match the people and business expectations.


Some of the things we consider

Core boxes are heavy and awkward, so moving them efficiently is important. Hence minimizing the hands-on material handling (i.e. any lifting / racking of core boxes) has a significant effect in both reducing the exposure to a known hazard and making the job accessible to a more diverse workforce.

While the drillcore is being examined and logged, proper positioning and good lighting can make the job more comfortable, accurate and productive. Specific needs and solutions will vary from site to site, but safe, smooth workflow and operator comfort will always improve productivity.

Our capabilities covers your requirements for a state of the art facility

We go from assessment to concept to design options working collaboratively with our clients and our architectural and engineering partners to design your facility to be safe and productive.

In the last five years, we’ve become the North American experts in modernizing major mining companies core processing facilities (core shacks) through applying unique concepts like vestibules, optimizing directional workflow and integrating digital technologies for core imaging and knowledge gain within our designs.



Eric Maag

Eric Maag is president and principal for Northern Prosperity Business Partners Inc., a corporation specialized in helping mining-related companies grow and prosper. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce (1994) in Marketing and Management from the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University – Montreal). With nearly twenty years of experience in a variety of marketing and business management roles related to the mining industry, Eric brings a broad range of knowledge and connections with the national and international mining community. He has lived in mining locations such as Murdochville, Matagami, Timmins and Sudbury; working with a variety of companies including Broadback Resources, SNC-Lavalin, Noranda and DGI Geoscience. Mr. Maag was also a federal trade advisor for Northeastern Ontario assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow through exporting.
A leader in the field of mining innovation, Eric ran the commercialization department for both the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) and its $35-million Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN). Prior to his role with CEMI, he was the service & supply lead representative to the Exploration Innovation Consortium of the Canadian Mining Innovation Council (CMIC). Eric continues to live out his passion towards applying Canadian expertise with smart business practices to improve the mineral exploration and mining industry.


We are a proudly Canadian company located in Sudbury, Ontario (Nickel Capital of the World).
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